Road to the future

How to transform
the Beekeeping Sector

INNOMIEL is an innovation project, part of the 4.0 Industry, that aims to monitor hives to improve their competitiveness and efficiency. Innomiel wants to improve sanitation, trazability and honey quality, giving simple but powerful solutions to the sector main problems. This project integrates technological and innovation companies together with the main professional beekeepers cooperatives in Spain.

Working with you

Created by and for Beekeepers

The experience and knowledge of thousand of beekeepers is behind the Innomiel tools. Beekeepers know what are their problems and know what are the best solutions.

Giving solutions to real problems

What are our Objectives?

Objective 1

Provide a technology that allows to produce better quality honey, with an improved trazability and clear data about the products origin.

Objective 2

Give the beekeeper more control and capacity to decide about its hives, making decisions based on objective data that is gathered in real time.

Objective 3

Reduce costs supported by beekeepers, specially those related to travelling to the hives location.

Objective 4

Improve the sanitation process, allowing to mitigate the effects of varroa, ascosferiosis, queen decrease and the vespa velutina invasion in your hives.

Objective 5

Give tools for a rapid response to climate and natural processes (hive downfalls, wildfires, etc).

Objective 6

Prevent and reduce the hives theft, with a better control and tracking of them.

Juventino Domínguez

Innomiel President

Séneca Martín

Project Coordinator

Innomiel GO

The Team Importance

Precision Apiculture

Useful Technology

Our Customers

Contributing with their Experience

More than 75% of professional beekeepers in Spain are contributing to Innomiel to improve our tools, achieving in this way the best solutions to apply in the apiculture sector.

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Conozca un poco más con la entrevista para el programa de TV “La Besana” en la Feria Internacional de Apicultura y Turismo de Las Hurdes de 2019

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