Innomiel Supra Regional Operative Group

Innovation project to telematic monitorization of hives, aiming to increase the eficiency and competitiveness of apiculture industries, improving the sanitation, trazability and quality of honey.

Co-funded by the European Union



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Precision Apiculture

You have in your hands the technology to monitor your hives, keeping them healthier, increasing profitability and production.

The most relevant apiculture producers innovating to go forward

Innomiel is formed by the main apiculture producers in Spain, to provide real solutions for the sector.

4.0 Industry in Apiculture

We bring vangard technologies to apiculture field, contributing to resolve the main problems in the sector, like high bee mortality, production costs increase, hives thieft, increase incidence of diseases like varroa or ascosferiosis, and the invasion of asian wasp. 

Eficient management of your hives

Furthermore, Innomiel works to improve honey and other apiculture products quality, reducing production costs and improving the beekeeping management process.


Innomiel Supra Regional Operative Group